Behold this new tablet. This innovative touch-pad that will revolutionize computing and modernize our lives. This obese EyePhone with no cam and phone. For it is believed that only this revolutionary gadget will meet the needs of our desperate hearts.

It has the same sacred restrictions as the EyePhone, in addition to the Apple’s idealistic mentality written all over it, and thus, it is worth you being dogmatically enslaved by its snobbisim effect!

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Some of you might have noticed that I have created a theme page on this blog, which I would put in whatever themes I created for you to download.

I decided only to put my  theme’s post link without previews, since at gnome-look.org I have submitted many screenshots for my themes!

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I have uploaded to gnome-look.org Distant Light, which after long hours of hard work turned out to be a very Vista-like Elegant GTK Theme.

But I had problems in uploading since there was some sort of network error, so I re-uploaded and fixed some stuff in my theme download page.

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Forget all these silly “Get a Mac” and “Mac vs PC” ad campaigns, since the real opponents in the software world are neither Microsoft nor Apple, but two philosophies Open Source vs Proprietary!

But Microsoft, the mother and protector of all proprietary, for sure has an opponent, and it is not Apple or Google, but it is Linux which threatens it’s beloved money maker Windows OS.

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I don’t know what Linux users who are reading this post are feeling, but I am extremely enthusiastic and anxious for the release of the Fedora 11 Leonidas operating system, although I have seen the Fedora 11 beta release!

I may have not added it to this blog’s sidebar, since I wanted the sidebar it to look very simple and clear, but I urge you to add this counter to your blogs, so that many of your readers will be introduced to this amazing desktop, or through knowing this Linux Distribution be introduced to another maybe more stabler distributions such as Ubuntu Linux and others!

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This morning when I visited Net Applications’  Market Share website. I was shocked to see that Linux has finally reached 1.02% in April 2009.

But I guess that what may have helped this increase is the bad economy state, which obliged some companies and individuals to use Linux in order to save some money.

But although all that Linux has finally obtained a 1% market share, and who knows how much it will go up in the coming months.

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Some may say Windows operating systems crash by themselves, therefore what is the point in adding such scripts that annoy the users or crash their system!

But I think the fact that you are causing such troubles and problems to your friends or co-workers cheers you up, especially when your victims realize that it was you behind all that!

But before that I must warn Windows Vista users that using such scripts may cause them psychological or mental problems, and that is mainly because they have to deal with and endure all the frustration caused by using this full of crap operating system they purchased, so this scripts may add to that frustration to reach a point they can’t handle!

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