I have been working for some time on a full Gnome theme that makes your Linux desktop look like a black Windows Vista, but due to some errors and glitches in the gtk2+ theme (That is responsible for the controls), I decided only to release the Metacity Theme (Window Borders) under the name of Vista Black Basic !

It is an open source Metacity theme licensed under the GPL, and is based on “Vista Basic” Metacity theme !

After all my work which was editing the theme’s script and editing some images using GIMP, I achieved a great result, and decided to share it with the Linux Community at gnome-look.org, since I am determined that this Metacity theme is one of the best Vista Black Themes out there!

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After both Microsoft’s “Laptop Hunter” advertisement campaign and Apple’s “I’m a PC”, the Linux Foundation decided to do and advertisement contest to choose the best ad for Linux.

And after doing so hundreds of videos were submitted by many people in the Linux community, and of these videos one was chosen as the best and also two other runner-up videos were chosen!

But in this post I will only publish the winning advertisement under the name of  ” What does it mean to be free ?”.

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In those few days I was looking at and examining some ad-supported free music services like spiral frog, and while doing so I remembered a extraordinary theory I had from about a year, and as I can remember I was thinking of a way a company could give way free music over the internet and become filthy-rich of doing so!, but in the same time satisfy both the user and the music distribution or production company!

But please before I start stating my theory I have to inform you readers that what will be mentioned in the theory could be done today by any service, however according to my research over the internet I am the only one who thought of it and actually posted about it!

And finally to all who have read Steve Job’s “Thoughts of Music”. This is not similar to it, since it neither contains a list of excuses, nor a set of lies and impossible situations, and in addition to all that it actually is interesting. Continue Reading »

To all who think or doubt that Firefox is dieing and will be replaced by Google Chrome or any other web browser. This post is for you!

What most of us are unaware of is that the Google browser was a failure at start, since it stated at first many goals that it promised it would achieve, and only was able to do a few.

For example one of its new features was that if your browser crashed only the tab your work is on will be lost, but everything on other tabs will remain, and this is actually a very great feature if it worked, since as I can still recall my browser crashed 5 times and I lost all my work on all tabs. Continue Reading »

Over the past week I have downloaded many Gnome Icon Packs from art.gnome.org and gnome-look.org, and as I installed them most of them didn’t completely work,  since some just didn’t replace the icons they were  supposed to replace (especially Experience Icon Pack), so I opened the default gnome icons folder (usr/share/icons/gnome) and the downloaded icon pack folder (/home/Hisham/.icons/example) and compared both.

In no time I figured out what the problem was and the solution for it, but since I read many comments on gnome-look.org of users puzzled what to do, I decided to post the solution here which is by the way very simple and easy to do! Continue Reading »

Malware has always been computer users first concern, so all Windows and Mac users had to install many different software and read long advices list to learn to protect themselves from these invaders, and even with all their effort and work, most of them were victims of such malicious software.

Therefore forget the long and dull lists and all these irritating software, since there is only one step (shown in the video below) that guarantee you complete computer security for maybe more than 10 years. Continue Reading »