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Some of you might have noticed that I have created a theme page on this blog, which I would put in whatever themes I created for you to download.

I decided only to put my¬† theme’s post link without previews, since at gnome-look.org I have submitted many screenshots for my themes!



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To all who think or doubt that Firefox is dieing and will be replaced by Google Chrome or any other web browser. This post is for you!

What most of us are unaware of is that the Google browser was a failure at start, since it stated at first many goals that it promised it would achieve, and only was able to do a few.

For example one of its new features was that if your browser crashed only the tab your work is on will be lost, but everything on other tabs will remain, and this is actually a very great feature if it worked, since as I can still recall my browser crashed 5 times and I lost all my work on all tabs. (more…)

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