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Some may say Windows operating systems crash by themselves, therefore what is the point in adding such scripts that annoy the users or crash their system!

But I think the fact that you are causing such troubles and problems to your friends or co-workers cheers you up, especially when your victims realize that it was you behind all that!

But before that I must warn Windows Vista users that using such scripts may cause them psychological or mental problems, and that is mainly because they have to deal with and endure all the frustration caused by using this full of crap operating system they purchased, so this scripts may add to that frustration to reach a point they can’t handle!



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Over the past week I have downloaded many Gnome Icon Packs from art.gnome.org and gnome-look.org, and as I installed them most of them didn’t completely work,¬† since some just didn’t replace the icons they were¬† supposed to replace (especially Experience Icon Pack), so I opened the default gnome icons folder (usr/share/icons/gnome) and the downloaded icon pack folder (/home/Hisham/.icons/example) and compared both.

In no time I figured out what the problem was and the solution for it, but since I read many comments on gnome-look.org of users puzzled what to do, I decided to post the solution here which is by the way very simple and easy to do! (more…)

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